9 - 5 Clock

Video with graphics. Loop - 2016
05:00 min

Industrialization led to a change in the social perception of time while pushing the society to evolve in the present day consumerist culture, where 'capital' is considered the key to everything. Time is equated with money and eulogized with phrases like 'work is worship'. In this time-based-production-oriented-society, I propose to furthur honor time with a shift in the importance from hours to each minute.

The '9 - 5 Clock' depicts each second with a strobe pulse. The striking, pop colors enforce an acknowledgement - a step ahead from the strategically placed clocks in work spaces. The alarm sounds mark each minute, to emphasize the passage of time.  

Site-specific Installation:
- Projection directly on an appropriate wall or place meant for a clock.
- Projection on a screen
- Display through a monitor

All projections require sound.
Please contact for details.



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